SME Consult

SMEs are the backbone of India’s GDP. The success of our country largely depends on the growth and prosperity of it’s Small and Medium scale businesses.

But are our SMEs equipped with the correct Financial Guidance to create a Sustainable Financial Growth Model?

Can your Enterprise afford a full-fledged Finance Team at it’s disposal to be able to compete with Large Enterprises and Industry Leaders?

Is it possible for an SME Business owner to always make the right Financial Decisions without being equipped with the best market practices at his disposal?

CAPSTONE’s “SME CONSULT” ensures best in market financial guidance, advice and hand holding at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own finance team.

Our Expertise across Industries allows us to steer your decision making in the right direction and save precious time and money that would otherwise be spent in taking suboptimal financial decisions.

“SME CONSULT” is a program designed by CAPSTONE, undertaken to provide CFO level advice on an Outsourced basis to Growing Enterprises to overcome Financial roadblocks and formulate sustainable Plans and Policies, aimed at creating wealth by expanding businesses, increasing margins, arranging adequate lines of finance and monitoring working capital utilization while minimizing borrowing costs.

Our aim is to allow an SME Owner to focus on GROWING the Business while we help streamline the Finances.

We have successfully helped our SME partners in:

  • Reducing Cash Conversion cycles by reducing debtor cycles and optimizing inventory management
  • Increasing Net margins by cost cutting in non-focus costs like packaging, logistics and warehousing
  • Appraisal of Expansion projects and undertaking Cost-Benefit analysis for the same to be able to decide if undertaking an expansion is profitable for the enterprise
  • Handing the existing and new banking relations of the enterprise to ensure best borrowing costs, sufficient working capital availability and smooth banking relationships
  • Growth in Sales by increasing marketing efforts and penetration into newer markets
  • Increasing Turnovers with existing capacities by working on manufacturing lead times
  • Expanding Customer base by offering better pricing and credit structures to customers without affecting the burden on the seller
  • Planning funding requirements in advance and subsequently raising additional finance to execute work orders
  • Approaching Investors for Equity related Transactions and compiling investor deck consisting of Projections, Portfolios, Projects and Plans.
  • Plan Shareholder’s personal finances to be able to create multiple income sources and individual Wealth Management independent of the company.

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