Loan Against Properties

Traditional sources of Bank Finance sometimes fail to address the non-working capital needs of businesses. SMEs need funds for Expansion, Growth, Marketing, Manpower, Research and Development. Loans against Properties provide long term funding to SMEs for non-core business purposes. These funds can be mobilized by mortgaging Residential, Commercial, Industrial Properties and Industrial Land parcels by raising funds against them.

At CAPSTONE, we ensure finance on Fair Market Values of your Properties.

We facilitate Funding up to 120% of the Market Value of your collateral. We help you use your available collateral to raise the maximum possible funds against them.

We provide Loans Agaist Properties at unmatched Borrowing Costs. We ensure you stay ahead of your competitors by paining the lowest Interest Rates.

Loans against Properties are provided in various forms and customizations depending upon your requirements:

  • Long Term EMI based Loans
  • Overdrafts
  • Drop Down Overdrafts
  • Moratorium based Term Loans

Have a property mortgaged with a lender for a lower loan amount? Let us help you get upto 120% of the Market Value of your property

Have an existing Loan against property at a high interest rate? Let us help you lower your rate of Interest

Have a Residential Property with a Home Loan against it? Let us help you raise additional funds on the same property without increasing your cost.

Talk to us and understand how we can help you and your business grow.